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Winston Hauschild


Winston Hauschild



I have no idea where the last six years went. Before my debut solo EP put me on critics’ radar, I was one of many Canadian recording artists touring small towns trying to make rent. Then Aquarius Records signed me in 2007 and everything changed. Not because my self-produced record sold a gazillion copies but because up-and-coming artists suddenly wanted me to produce their records. Songwriters I respect. Bands I listen to. Artists I like. I could do all kinds of music and no one, no label, was telling me what to do or how to do it. It felt like home, and I happily lived there engrossed in collaborations that now see Hannah Georgas playing the Juno Awards, Wanting Qu become a triple-platinum-selling pop star and Hey Ocean sign to a major label. So the past six years has been a blur for all of us artists who work to help each other become who we are and figure out what we want from this life in music. I’m the guy who went from producing his own records in a storage locker to the guy producing other artists’ records in my studio at Fader Mountain Sound. And finding time between projects, I’d slowly chip away at my follow-up album. Only six years later, and I’m done. I call it “The Beginning of the Long Dash.”




The Beginning of the Long Dash



Produced by Shawn Cole and Winston Hauschild
All songs written by Winston Hauschild
Recorded at Mushroom Studios, Winston’s Bunker, The Spaceship and Winston’s house
Recorded by Shawn Cole, Brock McFarlane and Winston Hauschild
Assisted by Derek, Will, Ricardo, Cody, Blaine, Elisa Pangsaeng, Andrew Morales, Wes Kennedy, Victoria Canning
Mixed by Doctor Boss at Hipposonic Studios
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering
Full Liner Notes Here

Production Credits

Hannah Georgas
Hey Ocean
Mike Edel
City of Glass
Bodhi Jones
David Blair
Jodi Doidge
Marc Alexandre
Nat Jay
Rachael Schroeder
T. Riley
Elaine Ryan
Dan Kosub
Shera Kelly
Nat Jay
Alyssa Baker
Katherine Penfold
Ben Everyman
Jennifer Hershman
Hollow Twin

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